The City

By Michael Temprano

As I gaze over the city from the hill I stand on I begin to notice pain, happiness, work, and traffic.  The city is like a painting with many and cars that control the people of Earth. It is as though I am on top of the world.  The city reminds me of a mosaic of earthly life scrambling among the streets of  thousands of cars.  It is like I can almost see all and know all.  The city is full of busy people who have anything on their mind but God.  Why does this have to be a standard that the human race lives by?  Everyday these people wake up thinking about their next paycheck or their next problem rather than acknowledging why they are there.  The world controls these mindless souls like pawns on a chess board.  People are beautiful yet ugly.  However these words do not describe the phenotype of these creatures.  They describe their dark and oppressive souls that are constantly straying from God.  However, they can also be beautiful.  This city is a place where people can practice their intricate and beautiful culture of Christ.


Pittsburgh, PA 2015

By Garret Hill

It felt like yesterday. My dad and I visited Pittsburgh to see our favorite football team the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was two years ago when I visited the beautiful stadium, Heinz Field. In September of 2015, I saw sights and I heard sounds that amazed me. That stadium was the most beautiful stadium I’ve ever been in. After we gave the ticket checkers our ticket, it was time to walk in. It was my first time being there and I did not know what to expect. We then walked to our seats and looked at the field. We saw Antonio Brown and the rest of the Steelers. They were warming up as usual. If only they knew their biggest fan was in the crowd. My dad and I cheered them on the whole game, and they performed very well. It was the Steelers vs. the 49ers. Since I have a strong dislike in my heart for the 49ers, my passion for the Steelers to win was even bigger. The Steelers won 43-17 and it was a great memory that I had with my dad. I will never forgot the sights and sounds of Pittsburgh.

The Rain

By Olivia Brown

The rain is a beautiful, calming, and wonderful thing to look at and to watch. The way it fall from the sky is calming to hear and see. The elegant and glorious calming sound from the pitter patter of the rain falling on the ground it something to calm me down. It puts me in a settled mind set. The stormy winds blows the rain around and against the window. The little water droplets rest and fall upon the cold and glossy glass window. While it is quiet outside I can hear the dripping water I am lying down in my bed listening to the calming waters. Rain is a wonderful thing because it gives me energy and something to look forward to each day.

Review of Moana

By Davina Co

Moana is a Disney movie about a young Polynesian girl. Since childhood she has always loved the sea. Before her grandmother’s death, she gave Moana a necklace that contained the heart of Te Fiti, the goddess of nature and creation. Her mission is to find Maui, a demi-god of the wind and sea, and make him go with her to return the heart. They are forced to overcome multiple obstacles on their journey over the sea.

This movie is an inspiring story of two people who come together despite their differences. Moana goes against her father’s rules by sailing past the reef. Her father had previous traumatic experiences with the sea, so he wanted to protect his daughter. It is ideal for people of all ages. It has good morals and implications and is inspiring. Other than the fact the Moana defies her father to go save the world, she is a good role model for young children. The music is written by Lin Manuel Miranda (he wrote Hamilton) and the animation is really good.

This Year – So Far

By Lily Baker

Over this week, students were asked about how school is going so far. The majority of them thought that school has not been going fantastic so far, but are determined to keep doing their best until the end of the year. One of the students said, “It’s getting pretty boring, but I think that I can make it to the end of the year.” This student thinks that school can be very monotonous, but is determined to succeed this year. Another student said, “School is getting tougher, and I am getting very tired of it.”

Many students feel this way and are feeling more challenged than they were at the beginning of the year. But they know that they can persevere through the last half of the year. Though students are feeling challenged and bored, they are trying to do their best this year. I know that these students can stay positive and keep doing their best for the rest of the year.

The Flash Review

By Valerie Klein

A show called The Flash has become quite popular to younger viewers. The show is about Barry Allen, a police scientist, who gets hit by a wave of energy caused by an invention called the Particle Accelerator. He is in a coma for nine months and when he wakes up, he can run faster than the speed of sound.

He is not the only one with powers though. There are other villains who get powers as well. The show is about him and his friends fighting villains that terrorize the city. He also is looking for the man that murdered his mother. The murder of his mother is what motivates him to fight against the villains of the city. The show is full of much suspense, action, and a twisting plot.

Patience, Grasshopper

By Bethany Hooper

A word that we came up with this week was patience. We want to encourage everyone to be patient as many times as they can.

Though you probably already know, patience means, “quiet and even-tempered.” Last week I went to a clothing shop and I saw a girl standing in line. She wanted to buy a scarf she had seen, but there was a very long line and there was only one left. She waited quietly and calmly till every one had left. Then she got her scarf and left. This girl was very patient. Throughout this week and weeks to come, we hope you will try to be patient and kind just like the girl I saw was.