Warriors’ Chemistry

By Garret Hill

Lately many people have been talking about the Warriors’ Chemistry. Some people think the Warriors have bad chemistry and some think they have good chemistry. There are many varied opinions on this topic.

When Kevin Durant first joined the Warriors people were questioning the decision to sign him because they already had good chemistry with last year’s team. They thought Kevin Durant could hurt that. Why would you fix something that’s not broke many said. In my opinion the Warriors are fine. Their chemistry will get stronger and stronger throughout the season. We need to give them time to get used to playing with each other. We need to let them handle this problem on there own if they do in fact have chemistry issues! Most people thought the heat would have chemistry issues with three superstars in Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, and LeBron James. There was no chemistry issues whatsoever on this team. They ended up winning 2 championships together. I think the Warriors will be even more successful than the Heat were.


Staff Profile: Chloe

My name is Chloe Knowles and I am a part of the middle school news article. I will be working mainly with Daniel and Garret in the sports section. I love sports because it teaches you discipline and responsibility. A sport that I play is volleyball. I like volleyball because it is so much of a team sport, there isn’t just one person making the points. Being on a team has taught me how to be responsible and how to be humble. Things I like to do on my free time are swimming and rock climbing. I am really excited to be a part of the newspaper and I can’t wait to write about our sports!

Staff Profile: Garret

My name is Garret Hill and I am apart of the student newspaper aka N.E.W.S. Daniel, Chloe, Bethany, Emily, and myself are apart of the sports section. I love sports because they play a big role in my life! Almost every day I have to go to practice or a game. Sports are fun to play and fun to write about. The sports section will cover and write about school sports and also local sports. Be on the look out for new articles!