This Year – So Far

By Lily Baker

Over this week, students were asked about how school is going so far. The majority of them thought that school has not been going fantastic so far, but are determined to keep doing their best until the end of the year. One of the students said, “It’s getting pretty boring, but I think that I can make it to the end of the year.” This student thinks that school can be very monotonous, but is determined to succeed this year. Another student said, “School is getting tougher, and I am getting very tired of it.”

Many students feel this way and are feeling more challenged than they were at the beginning of the year. But they know that they can persevere through the last half of the year. Though students are feeling challenged and bored, they are trying to do their best this year. I know that these students can stay positive and keep doing their best for the rest of the year.


Staff Profile: Emily L.

I write part of the Bible articles and stories. I am in the 6th grade and I also like to swim and play volleyball outside of school. My favorite subjects are history and writing.
I have always loved to write about meaningful stories. I am also into poetry because of its deep meaning. Writing lets me write down all of my emotions into a plotted story with characters and their personalities. I wanted to be part of the Bible articles because of the passion I need to have when I write about God.

Staff Profile: Bethany

I write the Bible section of N.E.W.S.  I love having fun, and I hope to bring that to you in my writings.  I love school and my favorite subject is math.  I am also into acting and singing.  I am a part of the Seussical! cast.  Ms. Ting leads it and it is very fun.  I love reading too.  I have a brother named Tyler who is in eighth grade, and we have a lot of fun together.

Staff Profile: Elise

 Hi! My name is Elise Beiser. I have gone to Valley Christian since I was in kindergarten. I was born in Grand Rapids, MI, and when I was two, we moved to California. In school, I always try to get straight As, and I often work too hard to get them. I also have many hobbies  such as swimming and skiing. I have been skiing since I was four, and I have been swimming for almost my whole life. I also love photography. Any chance I can get, I love to take a good photo of the beach or the mountains. A couple years ago some very good friends of mine showed me “Star Wars: A New Hope”, and I have been in love with the franchise ever since. This also started my love for super heroes. I love the MCU (the Marvel Cinematic Universe), and I watch each one of their movies that comes out. My favorite TV show is “The Flash,” and I am so excited for season 3 to start. I am looking forward to writing stories for you guys.

Staff Profile: Lily B.

I have been going to Valley Christian since I was in kindergarten. I like that it is a Christian environment and that classes are taught from a Christian perspective. I also like that it is a small school since people know each other more than in larger schools. I like animals. I also like to go ice skating. I like traveling, especially to Canada. I hope to be interviewing some students and teachers in this student newspaper. My goal will be to help people share ideas and experiences with others at Valley Christian Middle School.

Staff Profile: Olivia

Some of my favorite interests are singing, dancing, acting, and cooking. I have been going to Valley Christian since Kindergarten. I have made so many friends and I love and appreciate them so much. I have also created many memories with my teachers who have cared and helped me a lot throughout all of my years here at Valley Christian. In my sixth grade year I had a great time with all of my cheer teammates because they have encouraged me so much, and they have made me a lot stronger with trust and faith. When I grow up I hope to become a marine biologist or to become a zoologist because I love animals so much. During my free time I love to hang out with my fiends and neighbors, to cook, and to hopefully go to the zoo or to marine life parks.

Staff Profile: Daniel

My name is Daniel Kopti also known as Kop2. I am known to be a very friendly, quirky, and caring kid. I am also a very big Disney fan and Marvel fan. I am the worlds biggest Finding Nemo fan because I have watched it 452 times in my last life and I am fully capable of reciting the script. Don’t feel bad for me. My favorite Marvel superhero is the Ant-Man. On my free time I love to play sports, watch sports, and play with my pet tortoise, Beans. I love to boogie board a lot and whenever I can go to the beach I want to go. I love marine animals. My favorite sea moment was when I was able to swim with endangered turtles and an endangered baby turtle. One of my favorite types of animals is turtles. My favorite sports magazine is ESPN. I am a very strong Christian and I deeply love the Lord. My favorite classes school is P.E and Technology 2.
I hope you guys enjoy the sports section, the greatest section in N.E.W.S.!