Patience, Grasshopper

By Bethany Hooper

A word that we came up with this week was patience. We want to encourage everyone to be patient as many times as they can.

Though you probably already know, patience means, “quiet and even-tempered.” Last week I went to a clothing shop and I saw a girl standing in line. She wanted to buy a scarf she had seen, but there was a very long line and there was only one left. She waited quietly and calmly till every one had left. Then she got her scarf and left. This girl was very patient. Throughout this week and weeks to come, we hope you will try to be patient and kind just like the girl I saw was.


Word of the Week: Creative

By Bethany Hooper and Emily Lawes

10/17 – 10/21

This week we chose “creative” because we all know that God gave everyone a brilliant and amazing mind. Always be yourself and be proud of who you are. Thank God for your wonderful gifts and remember we are all different. God has a creative mind, so we are all creative in His image.

Word of the Week: Self-Control

For the week 10/10 – 10/14

By Emily Lawes and Bethany Hooper

Our word this week is self-control. We chose this word this week because the quarter is ending soon. God wants us to use our minds and actions to pray to Him, worship Him, and read His word. Remember to use your actions and words for good and to love the Lord!

Staff Profile: Emily L.

I write part of the Bible articles and stories. I am in the 6th grade and I also like to swim and play volleyball outside of school. My favorite subjects are history and writing.
I have always loved to write about meaningful stories. I am also into poetry because of its deep meaning. Writing lets me write down all of my emotions into a plotted story with characters and their personalities. I wanted to be part of the Bible articles because of the passion I need to have when I write about God.

Staff Profile: Bethany

I write the Bible section of N.E.W.S.  I love having fun, and I hope to bring that to you in my writings.  I love school and my favorite subject is math.  I am also into acting and singing.  I am a part of the Seussical! cast.  Ms. Ting leads it and it is very fun.  I love reading too.  I have a brother named Tyler who is in eighth grade, and we have a lot of fun together.

Student Testimony: Annalise

By Bethany Hooper

This week, we interviewed Annalise Mui, a sixth grader here at Valley.  She was brought up in a family that trusted God.  One day her grandfather had a stroke, but her family continued to trust in God. Annalise has been a good friend to us since she has come to this school.  Until this day she, her family, and especially her grandfather still trust God.