The Trees

By Bethany Hooper

The trees stand tall in the bright morning sun, but their beauty is washed out with the ugly trash on the ground below. The grass has small patches of trash people have littered there. The sun glistens on the dew lying on the grass below. The grass is bright with water drops as the rain falls down on everything on the ground. I smell the fresh crisp air. The wind feels cold on my hands. The wind is strong and it will blow anything that is in its path. I walk down the sidewalk, and I see clouds floating by, but I wish the rain wouldn’t come falling down as often. Even though the rain is helpful to the drought, I wish there would be more sunshine with not a sign of dark clouds in the sky. The nature I see is gorgeous and shows the glory of God everywhere I look.


5 thoughts on “The Trees”

  1. I loved what you wrote, but I just wish that you took out the “I” in it to incorporate the readers to feel what you are experiencing around you.


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