The Lawnmower

By Valerie Klein

A disassembled lawnmower by the edge of the preschool. It is all rusty and its parts are spread out all along the hill. The hill is covered in dead grass and weeds which hides the lawnmower. Rain falls, and on the grass, the lawnmower sits, rusting away. The motor is gone, so it is just the base and the handles that are left. The tall grass hides it, but if someone can get close enough, they can see it. The base of the lawnmower is red, and the handle bars are a mix of silver and the brown colored rust. The wind blows harshly on the grass revealing the lawnmower. Rain drops trickle on the side of its base rolling down the side. The lawnmower will sit there until, eventually, it is all rusted away.


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