The Hill

By Benji Kurokawa

The sun is shining down radiantly upon the awoken city, full of happiness and energy. It is living. The city is bustling, rushing, and living. The people in the city are doing their things: working, playing, and living. The squirrels and birds in the city are finding food, drinking water, and living. The entire nearby area is alive. But something is hindering it.

The air in the sky is tinted brown and orange, places where it reeks of exhaust fumes and pollution. The city is like a beautiful, wilting flower: it’s still pretty, but there are things to fix, lest it descend into a slum-like state. But the hill is free. The hill is home to students and wild creatures alike. It is peaceful: a place of harmony.

But the students here are not the kind to stay put. They are out and about, rushing back and forth. Some decide to pursue education with vigor and make breakthrough studies and experiments; others reach out to the city and work on improving the lives of those in it, by cleaning the area and helping the poor. The birds fly through the air, witnesses to an ever-changing environment.

Dublin may be a stationary city, but the community and general atmosphere are ever changing, both literally and metaphorically. The city is never the same as it was the day before – this may be the one thing that is always the same. One never has the same experience as another, but anyone can make the experience better for others.


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